Secrets They Don’t Tell You About Roulette Roulette House Edge and How It Works

In casinos there are certain predetermined percentages that are difficult to beat. How can you still get the greatest benefit from it?

It is important how the house edge comes about – in reality it is important to know this for every casino game you play.

The two types of roulette
There are two types of roulette available in every casino; The American variant with the zero and double zero field and the European variant with only one zero on the wheel. The European variant is far superior to the American variant, since the house advantage is only half as high as with the American double zero wheel (2nd , 7 to 5.26 percent).

Please note: house benefits can be converted into real money by placing a euro sign in front of the first number and then subtracting the percentage of € 100 you wager. In the American variant, you lose € 5.26 per € 100 bet, while in the European variant, it is only € 2.70 per € 100.

So if you, as a player, have access to a European roulette and the limits are suitable for your bankroll – this means that the money wagered is the same that you, as a player, would bet on a game on an American wheel – then it is quite logical that you should play this variant. This not only ensures that you keep the house edge low, but also uses your common sense.

How the casino gets an edge
Here’s an easy way to understand how the casino gets an advantage on both roulette variants . I am going directly to the Roulette Guide , which can be found here on our blog.

The American wheel has 38 numbers and the payout for a number hit is 35 to 1. In a fair game where the casino has no advantage, the payout should be 37 to 1. In short, you bet € 1 and win € 37. So you will lose 37 times but win once and the game is balanced; There is no advantage for either the player or the casino. This means that the house edge is zero percent.

Casinos cannot make a profit from such a game, so they pay back less than the stake is worth, 35 units instead of 37 units. Two units are retained. Now divide the 38 fields on the roulette by the two units that are retained and you get the house edge of 5.26 percent.

As already mentioned, the European wheel is better than the American one because of the single zero. There are 37 numbers and the casino pays 35 to 1 for a number hit. The casino keeps one unit unlike the American casinos that keep two units. Simply divide the 37 fields by one unit and you get the house advantage of 2.70% for the European variant.

However, you will find that the casinos that offer both games may make the minimum bet on the European single wheel higher – maybe € 25 instead of € 10. In this case, you need to think quickly or look at the table below to see what your expected stakes will be and choose the stakes that you will lose the least money over time.

American wheel Expected loss European wheel Expected loss
10 € 53 cents 10 € 27 cents
20 € 1.05 € 20 € 54 cents
25 € 1.32 € 25 € 68 cents
50 € 2.63 € 50 € 1.35 €
75 € € 3.95 75 € 2:03 €
100 € 26.05 € 100 € € 2.70
200 € 10:52 € 200 € 5.40 €
Please note: The reason why the European variant is better has to do with the lack of the second zero. The payout is based on a hit in 37 attempts on the European bike, while there are 38 fields on the American bike. The actual payouts for these hits are the same at 35 to 1, making the European Roulette Wheel a lot better to play.